• Artchevice 14

    Tartare mix of tuna, salmon and red shrimps marinated with lime passion fruit and orange with cucumbers and cashews

  • Roasted octopus marinated with ginger, fresh fennels and cherry tomatoes 14

First courses

  • Linguine truffle flavored 16

    Served with parmesan cream and truffle

  • Farro and legumes soup 14

    Served with seared duck breast and red Porto reduction

Main courses


  • French fries 4
  • Grilled vegetables 5
  • Crispy roasted polenta 5
  • Black bean soup (Fajolada) and basmati rice 6
  • Mixed salad 5


  • Panna cotta 5

    With wild berries, strawberries, chocolate or caramel

  • Catalan cream 5

    At vanilla or Bronte pistachio taste

  • Artcheesecake 5

    Served with almond crumble, topped with wild berries, strawberries, chocolate or caramel

  • Homemade Tiramisù 5

    With dark chocolate flakes

  • Hot chocolate cake 6,50

    Served with ice cream

  • Sorbet 5

    Scented at lemon and pear William

  • Roasted Pineapple 5

    Scented with sugar and cinnamon (Brasilian specialty)

  • Chocolates sphere (recommended for 2 people) 10

    With wild berries and strawberries

  • Tavolozza Art (recommended for 2 people) 16

    Mix of pastry mignon and fresh fruits


Rodizo pequeño


per person

Rodizo felix


per person (min. 2 people)

Served with selection of hot&cold side plates as rice, cous cous, vegetables, cheese and salami.

Sides: Fajolada brazileira, basmati rice, Caesar salad and french fries

Desserts: cinnamon roasted pineapple and pastry mignon



per person

Cocktail list

  • Americano 7

    Campari, prosecco Cinzano, seltz

  • Americano 7

    Campari, Cinzano Vermouth Rosso, seltz

  • Negroni 8

    Campari, Cinzano Vermouth Rosso, Bulldog Gin

  • Aperol Spritz 5

    Aperol, prosecco Cinzano, seltz

  • Wild & Ginger 8

    Wild Turkey Bourbon, Thomas Henry Ginger ale, Aromatic Bitter

  • Paloma 7

    Tequila Espolon Blanco, succo di Lime, sciroppo di agave, Thomas Henry pink grapefruit