Seasonal specialities

  • Irish Angus Tomahawk 1000g 48

    Grilled and served with french fries and salad

  • Iberian Pork de Bellota Pluma (Pata Negra) 26

    Roasted and served with french fries, salad and honey mustard


  • Verrigni Linguine lemon flavoured 14

    with fresh tuna, pistachios and cherry tomatoes

  • Verrigni Pacchero with seafood 14
  • Verrigni Pacchero with picanha ragù sauce and burrata cream 14
  • Verrigni Spaghetto 14

    with clams, cherry tomatoes and bottarga

  • Typical ricotta cheese ravioli, tomato and pecorino cheese 12
  • Typical sardinian Culurgiones 14

    with amatriciana smoked swordfish sauce

Meats from the kitchen

  • Sardinian cutting board 12

    Cold cuts, local ham, cheeses, olives, crostini

  • Wagyu tartare 12

    Served with oil, salt, lemon, pepper and carasau bread

  • Argentine Angus Rib Eye sirloin 300gr 24

    Grilled and sliced, served with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and grana cheese

  • Australian ox tenderloin 250 gr 24

    Grilled and served with grilled vegetables, french fries and béarnaise sauce


  • Sliced grilled tuna 18

    Served with salad, olives and tomatoes jam

  • Sea Artchevice 14

    Mix of tuna, salmon and red shrimp tartare, cucumber and cashew marinated in lime, passion fruit and orange juice

  • Grilled octopus, ginger, fennel and cherry tomatoes 14
  • Roasted salmon 18

    Served with grilled vegetables

  • Mixed fried-fish 22

    Fried squids, mediterranean red shrimps and vegetables

  • Sea mixed grill 22

    Seabass, mediterranean red shrimps, squids and vegetables


  • Panna cotta 5

    With wild berries, strawberries, chocolate or caramel

  • Catalan cream 5

    With vanilla or Bronte pistachios

  • Creamy Artcheesecake 5

    With almond crumble and a choice between strawberries, wild berries, chocolate or caramel

  • Homemade Tiramisù 5

    With chocolate chips

  • Chocolate lava cake 6,50

    Served with ice cream

  • Lemon sorbet 5

    William pear flavoured

  • Lemon and strawberries crumble 5
  • Roasted pineapple 5

    Cinnamon flavoured (brazilian delicacy)

  • Fresh fruit 7

    Served with ice cream

  • Chocolate sphere (recommended for 2 persons) 10

    With wild berries and strawberries

  • Art palette (recommended for 2 persons) 16

    Mix of mignon desserts and fresh fruit


Rodizo pequeño


per person

Rodizo felix


per person (min. 2 persons)

Regional, national and international delicacies served to the dish.

To be complete: fajolada, basmati rice and french fries.

To end the gastronomic course in the best way possible: out patisserie mignon and roasted cinnamon pineapple.



per person