Since 2015, the Art Academy is the reference point for anyone who wants to spend an evening immersed in an environment with a refined design and a pleasantly welcoming atmosphere.

Art Academy was born from the idea of a close-knit  and experienced team who wanted to express a unique and different concept from everything that was already present in the other local realities, a concept that never aged.


This idea is proposed in every aspect, starting from its post-industrial design characterized by warm materials such as iron and wood, with a wink to the island tradition represented by the wall of ancient doors.

The cuisine on the other hand, reflects the meeting and the reinterpretation of two different culinary traditions: the Brazilian and the Mediterranean.

In addition to the tasty pasta and fish dishes of our restaurant, you can in fact find a wide choice of meat and, in particular, a journey into the flavors of Brazil characterized by our Churrasco proposals, ending with a sweet note: the desserts.

Our concept wants to embrace all the moments of the evening, so we dedicated a part of our proposal to the Cocktail Bar where it’s possible to find all the great bar classics up to the ever new proposals of our bartenders.